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Making of the President 2020

This class will offer a week by week perspective on the 2020 presidential election as it unfolds. The candidates’ dynamics, the issues as they emerge through the course of the campaign and the choices to be made by voters will be analyzed each week. We will focus on particular state campaigns as they unfold. Will the conventions matter? Will there be a vice presidential element to discuss? How will the as yet unforeseen events in the world impact the decision-making process? We will discuss all of this and more on the way to the historic making of the president 2020.

John Rothmann

John F. Rothmann is a politics/foreign policy consultant specializing on the US, Middle East and the USSR. He is a frequent lecturer on American Politics and has been called “a scholar of modern Republicanism” while being acknowledged “for his unique insights, and in particular for rare and crucial materials.” He served as Director of the Nixon Collection at Whittier College, as Chief of Staff to Sen. Milton Marks, and Field Representative to Sen. Quentin Kopp, and was a founder of the Raoul Wallenberg Jewish Democratic Club. Widely published and honored, Rothmann has spoken on more than 150 campuses and has been on the faculty of USF. Both his B.A. and his Masters in Arts in Teaching are from Whittier College. He is the coauthor of Icon of Evil — Hitler’s Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam and Harold E. Stassen: The Life and Perennial Candidacy of the Progressive Republican. His article, “An Incomparable Pope — John XXIII and the Jews,” appeared in Inside the Vatican in April 2014.



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Rothmann, John
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