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Policing in America; an Examination of the History of Policing, Police Culture and Contemporary Issues Facing First-Responders

This course will provide students with a perspective on the development of modern policing and current issues facing agencies and the communities they serve. Significant attention will be given to the culture and policies of the San Francisco Police Department. The instructor will provide students a critical behind the curtain look at police culture, leadership and how departments operate. The instructor will share his experiences and insights as the class delves into and debates topics including police use of force, police discipline, body-worn cameras, criminal prosecutions, police legitimacy, the Opioid crisis and homelessness.

Richard Corriea

Richard Lyons Corriea is a former San Francisco Police Commander. He holds a Juris Doctorate and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is a graduate of the California Command College for police executives. During his police career he had many roles, including patrolling the streets of San Francisco, investigating violent crimes, legal advisor to the Chief of Police, heading up internal affairs, leading a crisis intervention team and station platoon lieutenant. As a senior executive, Corriea served as Supervising Captain of the entire city, Commanded the police academy and was commanding officer of Richmond Police Station. Upon promotion to Commander, Corriea had responsibility for the Department’s Metro Division, which encompassed police services in five police Districts. He has crowd-control and critical incident management experience. Corriea’s private sector experience includes the private practice of law, expert witness testimony and consulting in the aviation security industry. Corriea currently serves as Long-Term Care Ombudsman. And he is Director of the University of San Francisco’s International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership Advisory Board, and is adjunct professor in the University’s School of Management.



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