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Seduction of the Body

Are you and your body going steady? Here’s what May Sarton said to her body: “I can look at you as an old friend who needs my help, or as an enemy who frustrates me in every way with your frailty and inability to cope.” As in any relationship, you need to know each other intimately. The human body is an incredibly smart machine. It could also be your best asset and your best friend. Because understanding is key to any relationship, this class will tell you everything about Human Anatomy and Physiology that you were afraid to ask about because you thought you should already know it.  This is a class for people who desire more than a vague idea about the systems and functions of the body and would like to learn more in the company of others.

Therese Doan

Therese Vinson Doan has a PhD in Nursing from UCSF. She holds an Associate Professor position at San Francisco State University (SFSU). Although she is considered to be the Geriatric specialist at SFSU School of Nursing, her 35-year clinical experience is rather eclectic. Prior to teaching, her nursing practice included internal medicine, critical care, women’s health, community health, and palliative care. As a nurse, her approach to patient care and self-care is holistic. She views the human body, mind, and spirit as one entity united in health and illness. In this course, she will convey important and common information about human anatomy and physiology, aiming to help you to understand and deepen your relationship with your body.



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Doan, Therese
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