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The Bay Area Economy: Why Has it Grown Faster than the US Economy? And Will It Continue?

We will consider how national economic policies influence the Bay Area economy and why the Bay Area economy has grown faster than the U.S. economy.  What does economics tell about some of the challenges growth poses to Bay Area residents, like the growing traffic congestion in the Bay Area or the rising price of housing?   Many of our local agencies face pension crises.  We’ll consider whether our local governments are overpaying workers or mismanaging financial risk.

Michael Arnold

Mike Arnold is co-founder of ALCO Partners LLC, a small consulting firm founded in 2004 specializing in the measurement and management of interest rate risk in the banking industry. In 2012, he was invited by the UC Dept. of Economics to teach the honors course in intermediate macroeconomics, which he did through the spring of 2016. In 2015, Mike began teaching in the Osher Life Long Learning Institutes at Dominican University and Sonoma State. He has developed courses on the US Economy, the Bay Area economy, personal finance, international finance and Tariffs and the Republican Tax Plan.



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