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Arendt in America

The thought of Hannah Arendt has been recently revived to discuss the political and normative underpinnings of the turbulence of our times. How does her thought shed light on what is currently going on in the US? Arendt in America is a study of Hannah Arendt’s thinking on and from America. We will focus on her writings on totalitarianism, the American Revolution, on the Eichmann trial for The New Yorker, the Civil Rights movement, and the question of political judgment in what she called “dark times.” Needless to say, 8 sessions is not nearly enough to cover the depth and width of her thought. But we will have a good opportunity to acquire basic concepts and examine Arendt’s interpretation of American politics and culture. We will also engage in putting into practice Arendt’s insights and concepts and improving our interpretation of current events in (American) politics. This lecture course will leave some time at the end of each session for questions and discussion

Mara Kolesas

Mara Kolesas is a political theorist whose interests extend from the conceptualization of citizenship, democracy, and multiculturalism to issues of political subjectivity, social identity, and the thought of Hannah Arendt. She received her doctorate from the New School for Social Research in New York, and has taught in Argentina, Peru, the US, and Lebanon. Committed to bringing academic insights to practical uses and social endeavors, she has worked as a strategist, institutional analyst, and consultant for organizations such as the University of California and the United Nations.



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Kolesas, Mara
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