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SEMINAR : Writing into Deep Creativity

Creativity requires the making of something new, the movement away from the established norm into a new and different world. This means opening the brain to regions outside those of the linear-thinking that dominate the usual operations of the day. Creative people have learned, or are congenitally blessed with, certain abilities that allow them to be spontaneous, intuitive, outside-the-box in the expressions of their art, otherwise there is no advancement of the art, in a word, no creativity. We will push ourselves in a brave and creative direction in this workshop. Writers of all genre are welcome. The only requirement is to bring new work that is short enough for us to handle in the workshop setting. We needn't feel the pressure to become DaVinci, yet to produce some small body of work that is fresh and satisfying.

Note: This seminar will be limited to 25 students, selected by lottery on Thursday, Dec. 5. First meeting (January 7) is required, as is regular attendance. Do not apply unless you can make this commitment.

David Watts

David Watts wears a coat of many colors but he is fundamentally a poet. His work as a physician, musician, inventor, television and radio personality, parent and teacher is shaped by the underlying wish of poetry to add an element of discovery to every effort. Some might say a little touch of insanity. Then, of course there is the pursuit of beauty that lies at the heart of poetry that entices and rewards us. His literary efforts have included poems, short stories, novels and essays, most of which he never thought he’d be writing.



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Watts, David
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Tuesday PM
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Broad Room
24 left of 50 max
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