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The Sporting Scene: Issues and Answers from a Cultural Perspective

Anthropology has a blind-spot when it comes to the study of sports.  This lecture series offers a corrective to this deficiency.

What are the first child development signs of a sense of play?  How does sport serve to create teamwork, to subordinate individual performance for the good of the greater entity? 

Sport competition seeks to be “fair.”  What are the historical implications in creating conditions of equality of opportunity?  For example, the role of Sport in ending South African Apartheid will be examined.

Special attention will be given to current issues, such as PEDs (Performance-Enhancing -Drugs), “professionalization” of collegiate athletics, legalization o sports gambling, and the ideology of fandom.

But it won’t all be serious business.  Hopefully, we’ll manage to have some fun along the way, as is only fitting since the subject is “sports.”

Howard DeNike



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DeNike, Howard
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