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SEMINAR : Decoding Miscommunications Across Cultures

Discovery often consists of looking at the same thing as someone else, but often seeing and understanding something dramatically different. Using selected case studies, interactive exercises, stories and activities from the book "Perception and Deception, A Mind-Opening Journey Across Cultures," and working with USF students from Asia, Europe, The Americas, Africa and Europe, we'll analyze cross-cultural situations from many cultures, within and beyond the United States. We'll examine sources of culture clashes with immigrants, international students, in the news of the day from the worlds of business, health, child rearing, religion and by exploring how language and social media reveal and conceal cultural realities beyond our experience. In the process, we'll come to understand why "The Eye Often Sees Only What the Mind is Prepared to Comprehend," and to find positive pathways for engaging with difference. It's a course for travelers, those interested in international relations, and those concerned about the polarizing effects of globalization.

Joseph Lurie



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Lurie, Joseph
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Wednesday PM
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Broad Room
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