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A Great American Art Form: The Movie Musical

This course will be a journey from the earliest days of movie musicals (Broadway Melody of ’29, The Jazz Singer) through the grand days of Busby Berkeley and Arthur Freed to South Pacific, The King and I and Oklahoma, all the way to our present time of The Greatest Showman and La La Land.  We will explore direction, choreography, costumes, original material, casting, behind the scenes triumphs and troubles.  Through the darkness of Cabaret and Chicago to the sheer glamour of An American in Paris, this will be a class to take us from Oz to Swingtime!

Jan Wahl

Recognized as a woman of many hats, Jan Wahl critiques movies, conducts celebrity interviews, and offers interesting background on show business. When she’s not working in TV or radio, she emcees community events and lectures extensively including her, “Critical Thinking of the Mass Media.” She worked for ABC in LA, as a producer — later as a stage manager and director. In 1977, Wahl won an Emmy for “They Still Say I Do,” on the palimony case of Lee & Michelle Triola Marvin and became a member of the Directors Guild. In 1999, she won a second Emmy for “A Filmgoer’s Bill of Rights.” A lifelong movie enthusiast, she entered journalism as a news writer for KGO-TV, where she also produced documentaries while earning a degree in Broadcast Communications and Arts from SF State. You can catch her every Friday on KCBS All News AM and FM Radio.



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