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Solving the World's Problems

Do you ever feel like everything is running amok, whether it be locally, domestically and/or internationally?  Do you wish you had greater agency to consider how to solve the world's problems?  Well, here is your chance. Every week, we are going to get together and address at least two major issues of our times.  Factual scenarios will be presented, options will be considered, votes will be taken, and then together we will go deep, discussing best potential solutions on matters of significance - even of existential importance. At the Fromm Institute, we have tremendous, collective experience and brain power.  Let's bring it together and explore and think hard for the betterment of our world.

Eric Sinrod

Eric Sinrod, of Duane Morris LLP, is a strong advocate for his clients, representing them before the United States Supreme Court, other appellate courts, and in jury and court trials, arbitrations and mediations across the country. Professor Sinrod has represented domestic and international clients in major class actions and where billions of dollars have been at stake. His peers have selected him as one of the “Best Lawyers in America” and as a “Super Lawyer.” He has published many articles and is an Adjunct Professor at Dominican University and Sonoma State University, where he teaches a variety of courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Professor Sinrod not only has taught previously at Fromm, but also at various OLLI programs. He posts a weekly blog for and broadcasts a regular legal podcast.



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Sinrod, Eric
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