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Rabbi Brian Lurie


Mr Roy Eisenhardt

Vice Chairman

Caroline Fromm Lurie, L.C.S.W.


Albert Frankel II

Executive Vise President

Ray Wright

Vice President

Lisa Wagner


Gregoire Calegari, C.P.A.


Jonathan Bailey

Academic Advisor and Professor : Professor Bailey holds degrees in music from Northwestern, UC Berkeley, and a doctorate from Stanford University. He was dean and professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music prior to teaching in the Yale School of Music where he conducted the Yale Concert Choir, the New Haven Chorale and taught courses in the history of music. Currently Jonathan is professor emeritus at Pomona College in Claremont, California where he was chair of the Music Department and conductor of the College’s choral ensembles. Twice he won the coveted ‘outstanding teacher of the year’ award. He has been a program consultant for National Public Radio, an Arts Commissioner with the city of West Hollywood, and for 13 years, Artistic Director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. A recipient of two Fulbright research grants, he has traveled and studied in Europe and Australia. Professor Bailey has taught at the Fromm Institute since 2012 and has held the position of Academic Advisor since 2017.

Barry Barron, M.D.
John Boas
Margie Chen, M.D.
Rev. Paul Fitzgerald, S.J.

President of USF

Rev. Donal Godfrey, B.L., S.J.
Charles Goodman
Richard L Greene, Esq.
Sam Lauter
Susan Letcher

Financial Advisor, Friends of the Fromm Institute


Peter Maier, Esq.

Chairman Emeritus

Jay Mall, M.D.
Howard Nemerovski, Esq.
Julie Orio
Susan Kaplan

President of the Fromm Institute Student Association



Wayne Robins
Joelle Steefel
Jordan Sachs