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The desire to learn and age of 50 or older are the simple requirements to enroll. Fromm Institute students attend classes merely for the satisfaction that comes from their learning. The Fromm Institute is a non-profit, non-matriculating program with no tests or grades, no academic credits and is not tuition based.


Because the Fromm Institute is a non-profit program, “it is the educational bargain of the century.”
Student fees cover just over half of the program’s expenses.

The Fromm Institute Student Association (FISA)

The Fromm Institute Student Association (FISA)

The Fromm Institute Student Association (FISA) is an active and involved student government at the Fromm Institute. Offering Professional concerts and performances, New Member welcome sessions, after class film series, and lunchtime presentations, FISA develops a social program for members of the Fromm Institute organized around members’ interests.

The University of San Francisco (USF)

The University of San Francisco (USF)

As a member of Fromm Institute, our students have access to the Gleeson Library/Geschke Learning Center and enjoy the intellectual and social benefits of USF’s multi-generational college environment.

Support the Fromm Institute

Membership fees collected cover just over half of our program costs.  As an independent non-profit at USF, the Fromm Institute reimburses the University of San Francisco for the use of all campus resources. We rely on the generous financial support of the community. Won’t you please help? Contributions to the Fromm Institute can be made through the Friends of the Fromm Institute.